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Dionaea muscipula 'Megatrap'

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Megtrap is a plant that has a small amount of ambiguity surrounding its name. Go back 30 years and this plant was doing the rounds as one of Adrian Slack's giant Venus flytraps and was simply known as G16 (Graham Sadd's numbering system). Around 20 years ago national collection holder Mike King noticed it was a superb flytrap and unofficially named it as 'Megatrap' (because it has mega traps one would assume).

So, G14 and 'Megatrap' are one of the same. Anyway, no matter how you have it labelled it is a fantastic, reliable, 'showy' Dionaea. As well as having large traps, it is a vigorous grower that will do well in an unheated greenhouse or outdoor bog garden.

Plant Size On Offer

Plant photos usually show the mother plant, not the smaller divisions offered for sale.

Divisions taken from mother plants are planted into 9cm pots. The size of divisions can vary greatly and will always be sent largest first. If you'd like to know the size of a plant before ordering, please feel free to get in touch.

Basic Care

Venus fly traps are straightforward to care for, given the correct conditions. An unheated greenhouse is an ideal location for Dionaea, they can be grown outside in the UK but a greenhouse provides a longer growing season. Here are the 3 golden rules for healthy Dionaea.

  1. Provide as much sun as possible.
  2. Keep their pots sat in 1-2cm of rainwater.
  3. Use acidic soil. A 1:1 peat moss & perlite mix is typical.

Click here to read a more in-depth guide to growing Venus Fly Traps in the UK.