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Sarracenia 'Max Rawlings'

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Chris Rawlins bred Sarracenia 'Max Rawlings' by crossing S. leucophylla with S. × catesbaei and germinating the seed in the Spring of 1990. Both parent plants were purchased from Adrian Slack's Nursery, Marston Exotics. The pitchers of 'Max Rawlings' can grow to a height of 70 cm and have green bases that gradually turn red-veined on a cream background near the mouth. As the pitcher ages, the red colour can extend all the way to the base.

The hood of the plant has downward-pointing hairs on the interior and undulates around the edge, with a very prominent upturned spur at the apex. In young pitchers, the hood is cream with heavy red venation, but as the plant ages, the background colour turns pink and eventually red, with deeper red veins.

The flowers are orange with a green umbrella and red petals and are borne on a stem that often has a waviness near the top.

More Information

National collection description: H401 S. x 'Max Rawlings' (Chris Rawlings, 2018)

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Plant Size On Offer

Plant photos usually show the mother plant, not the smaller divisions offered for sale.

Divisions taken from mother plants are planted into 9cm pots. The size of divisions can vary greatly and will always be sent largest first. If you'd like to know the size of a plant before ordering, please feel free to get in touch.

Basic Care

Sarracenia plants are straightforward to care for, given the right conditions. An unheated greenhouse is an ideal location for Sarracenia, they can be grown outside in the UK but a greenhouse provides a longer growing season. Here are the 3 golden rules for healthy Sarracenia.

  1. Provide as much sun as possible.
  2. Keep their pots sat in 1-2cm of rainwater.
  3. Use acidic soil. A 1:1 peat moss & perlite mix is typical but you can also research peat-free alternatives.

Click here to read a more in-depth guide to growing Sarracenia in the UK.