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Sarracenia 'Dixie Lace'

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Sarracenia 'Dixie Lace' was created in 1993 at the University of North Carolina. One parent of this clone was a naturally occurring hybrid, known informally as 'Cotton Patch', which originated from a cross between Sarracenia leucophylla and S. rubra subsp. wherryi. The other parent of this clone resulted from the cross between Sarracenia psittacina and an unidentified partner, most likely S. purpurea.

'Dixie Lace' is a unique Sarracenia clone that stands out from the crowd. This remarkable clone rapidly forms a cluster of crowns and boasts an abundance of vibrant blooms throughout the growing season.

One of its defining characteristics is the hood, reminiscent of the S. psittacina species, which starts with a squared-off front and tightly sealed pitchers as they initially elongate. The pitcher tube gradually widens to over 4 cm below the hood. This tube's surface exhibits a rich maroon hue adorned with numerous white spots nestled amidst bold dark red veins. The hood itself displays a yellowish-green backdrop accentuated by prominent primary and smaller secondary veins. When given strong light, the hood takes on a golden tone. 

The name 'Dixie Lace' pays homage to the plant's genetic origins in the Deep South of the USA, where its parent species hail from, and the remarkable lace-like appearance of the reticulate vein pattern on its hood.

More Information

National collection description: H23 Sarracenia x `Dixie Lace’

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Plant Size On Offer

Plant photos are usually of the mother plant, not the smaller divisions offered for sale.

Divisions taken from mother plants are planted into 9cm pots. The size of divisions can vary greatly and will always be sent largest first. If you'd like to know the size of a plant before ordering, please feel free to get in touch.

Basic Care

Sarracenia plants are straightforward to care for, given the correct conditions. An unheated greenhouse is an ideal location for Sarracenia, they can be grown outside in the UK but a greenhouse provides a longer growing season. Here are the 3 golden rules for healthy Sarracenia.

  1. Provide as much sun as possible.
  2. Keep their pots sat in 1-2cm of rainwater.
  3. Use acidic soil. A 1:1 peat moss & perlite mix is typical but you can also research peat-free alternatives.

Click here to read a more in-depth guide to growing Sarracenia in the UK.